Google Satellite Images

The first week in July 2019 was pleasantly warm so I took the opportunity to work in the garden and paint the wrought iron front gate. On the morning of July 4th, I was aware of a propeller plane going back and forth every few minutes, but it was a distance from my house.
The next day, 5th July, it returned sweeping slowly towards my house from West to East. Using Flight Radar 24, I could see it was making a North-South flight, which led me to think it might be conducting an aerial survey. The plane was at 4000 feet.
Thinking that it might appear on Google Satellite image, I laid a grey carpet on the lawn and placed a high-vis jacket on one end. On one nearby pass, I took the photograph of the aeroplane. On another pass I stood at the bottom of the carpet with my arms spread out.

More Surveys

On 22nd July another plane also appeared to be conducting a survey, this time flying Northwest - Southeast. This time I laid other things on the lawn and recorded their position for future reference. On August 12th, another survey was conducted with a plane flying Northeast - Southeast, so I laid a different set of objects on the lawn.

Waiting Game

The Google Satellite view, is made by satellite over the majority of the country. In Birmingham, along with other major cities, we are privileged to have a 3-D Google option made by a low flying plane. In July - August 2019, Google were using images taken in 2017. By the end of the year these had not changed.
At the end of February 2020, I just happened to look at Google Satellite view and discovered a new set of images. The objects on the lawn corresponded with those from July 5th. Although I am not visible, the shadow of my outstretched arms can be seen.