Lichfield Diocese Mobile Belfry,
T h e   H a l e s o w e n   E x p e r i e n c e.

The band decided to hire the Lichfield Diocese Mobile Belfry (LDMB) as the centre piece of a recruiting drive, to bring the bells to the townsfolk rather than bring the people to the belfry with all the problems of mass access to the steeple. Beforehand some band members visited the LDMB to experience the problems of handling very light bells and get a general idea of the size and construction of the belfry.

This page documents the stages during the assembly of the LDMB in the hope it may prove useful to others considering hiring the belfry for their own events. The hiring documents suggest it takes may take 2½ hours to construct which did seem a long time but our experience shows this may be a little optimistic.

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The belfry dimensions are not clear from the documentation but the approximate sizes are shown in this plan view. The towing dimensions are in Blue and the fully assembled sizes are in Green.

Unhooking the Cover

The van driver assists the local team with the assembly of the belfry. All the necessary tools and display boards are package in the trailer and the first job is to unpack these from the shelf over the bell frame. Once unpacked, the shelf is removed and stowed under underneath the trailer. The metalwork of the shelves hold the side flaps in place during transit. The flaps are dropped down and adjusted for level.


Inserting Posts

Four vertical posts are dropped into slots in the floor by the side of the bell frame. Side braces are attached to one post, which is adjusted to be vertical.

Fitting Braces

Into the top of each post is placed an 'L' shaped member carrying a guide wheel. All these parts are bolted together and then the other braces fitted to the posts.

Fitting Winch Cables

The front of the trailer has a winch with four wire cables on a single axle. The wires are taken from their carrying spools and threaded over the guide wheels and attached to the bell frame.

The bell frame plastic cover is fitted while the frame is still resting on the platform. The bell frame is lifted up to its working position with the winch. Care must be taken not to allow the skirt of the cover to become trapped during the final positioning. Once at the correct height, bolts secure the frame to the top of the posts.

Winching up

Outer Frame

A framework of colour coded aluminium poles are assembled around the periphery of the trailer to support the side covers.

The six covers clip in place and join together with Velcro strips. The three sets of access steps are bolted to the trailer and the internal display boards may be fitted. If desired the door openings may be closed by zipping down the plastic covers.

During the planning stages it was decided not to allow the public access into the belfry but to have easels displaying information about change ringing and the purpose of this demonstration. Central Council leaflets were obtained and sticky labels attached showing the Master and Secretary's phone numbers. Band members were on hand to explain to interested onlookers and invite them to the Parish Church to try handling a real bell.