TETRA Neighbouring Cell Frequency Decoder

Description This screen is intended for use with SDR# SDR Sharp and Vasilli's TETRA Plugin which can display information about the frequencies of nearby basestations within the same network as the one currently being received.

Purpose of this Page

If you are receiving a site that is part of a network of two or more sites, to assist the mobile in handing over to another site, a list of neighbouring sites is transmitted. The plugin displays the list as the ETSI channel number. This screen translates those channels into frequencies you can tune to.

Current Cell Being Received

Either: Quick
Enter the Main frequency (the underlined number) as a decimal but excluding 'MHz' in the right hand field below. This does not allow the mobile frequency to be determined.

Or: Better
Open the Network Info popup and copy the Parameter row label and the Value in that row, but not the comment. Then paste into the left hand box. Only a few of the parameters are used, but as their order is never fixed, it is probably easier to include them all, and let this screen ignore those not required. This will allow the mobile frequency and other information to be included in the results.

screen shot 1

Optional Info

To help identification if results are printed.


Neighbouring Cell Data

Please copy the Neighbour Cell columns from the Network Info popup screen, making sure to include the row labels. It is only necessary to include the rows containing Main_carrier_number and Neighbour_LA It is most important to include Main_carrier_number-extension if present, otherwise the results will be wrong!! There is no detriment by including other rows which is probably easier to do. Be sure to include all columns containing data.

Results Area

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