Tips for Buying Vintage Motorcycle Leathers

Caution on eBay

The majority of sellers on EBay are honest and straight forward but a few are unscrupulous. Look out for private individuals selling their own secondhand garments as they are often more reliable. Some 'Top Rated Sellers' and EBay shops have proved to be less than honest in their description of items especially when describing the gender of the garment. Here are a few tips for buyers.

Top Tips - Especially for Lewis Garments

These tips apply to all garments featured in the museum but we focus on Lewis as they are the most abused name on eBay U.K.

Distinguishing Gender

On a Man's item of clothing the part of the garment on the wearers left wraps over the top of the right hand side and presses down (on press-studs) or zips up. This applies to the front, collar or flies on trousers.
Mans, Gents Womans, Female
It is easy to distinguish the gender of a jacket if it has a 'Lancer' style crossover main zip. If the top of the zip is on the wearer's right hand side, its Men's. If the top is on the wearer's left hand side is a women's jacket.
Vintage leathers jackets were made at a time before 'Unisex' clothing made an appearance. Modern bikers gear in Unisex style fasten the same side as men's. If they fasten the women's side they are always women's not men's or unisex.
If the jacket has a centre zip, then inspect the way the collar fastens. Men's flap crosses to the right hand side of the wearer.
Don't forget that the wearer's right side is on the left in a photograph. Beware of Selfies taken in a mirror which contradict the previous comment.