Interstate Leathers

A UK Company Based in Northampton

Not to be confused with a similar name of motorcycle leathers based in the USA, these high quality garments were manufactured in Northampton, England during the seventies and eighties. I have no details of when the company ceased trading. A correspondent has been kind enough to suggest the company was owned by Martin Pell, Glenroy House 96-98 St James Rd. Northampton NN5 5LG
I was always very envious of this design of jacket which was popular amongst the bikers of Northamptonshire when I lived there in 1979. I had a good fringed jacket and didn't consider buying one. By the time I had moved home and wanted a new jacket I couldn't recollect the brand name and nobody seemed to be wearing them, consequently I bought Lewis and Highwayman gear instead.
Eventually in 2001, twenty years too late, one appeared locally and I made the purchase which I've never regretted. The style is superior to the Lewis Leathers Monza and other jackets featured in the museum.


Interstate Jacket - front Interstate Jacket - side Interstate Jacket - back


This style of jacket was available in a range of colours too. Blue : Yellow : Grey : Brown : Red
Blue Interstate Jacket Yellow Interstate Jacket Grey Interstate Jacket Brown Interstate Jacket Red Interstate Jacket

Another Style

This jacket has a centre zip and padded shoulders which from the front look similar to the one above, but on the rear, the shoulder pads are much smaller.
Centre Zip Jacket Small Shoulder Pads


A matching style of trousers, with zipped rear internal pockets and double press-stud fly button, was similar to the other manufacturers designs of this era.
Trousers Front Trousers Rear