Over the years, Lewis Leathers produced many styles and slight variations to the same style. In the section we show a number of jacket styles and highlight the differences. Many jacket styles had the distinctive zipped arm pocket but the same model can also be found without this pocket. The absence of the arm pocket indicates a later date of manufacture. Although Black is the most popular colour the garments were available in other colours too. The same style of jacket was often produced in the Male and Female version. Jackets for women have their zips on the opposite side to men's jackets and the bust to waist ratio is larger. Quite often Blue jackets are women's.


Lewis Leathers, Mens Monza, front view Lewis Leathers, Mens Monza, rear view
A typical example of the Lewis Leathers high quality range. This "Monza" jacket was made in the late seventies -> eighties. A padded jacket with a cross over (Lancer) front and racing collar, has double thickness padded leather on the shoulders and elbows. The sleeve pocket is very typical of this period of jacket design. The leather soft and surprisingly light weight. The internal Lewis Leathers label says 'Real Hide' and 'Distributed by Aviakit Products'.


Lewis Leathers, Ladies Phantom, front view Lewis Leathers, Ladies Phantom, rear view
The "Phantom" jacket is very similar in design to the "Monza" with the same double thickness padded leather on the elbows and shoulder. Looking at the rear, there is no horizontal rear seam but a vertical one, and the shoulder patch shape is different. The oval Lewis Leathers badge is on the shoulder placing its manufacture in the late eighties. The leather is hard, thick and shiny.
Earlier versions of the Phantom had a central front zip and the oval label was on the chest. An example of this type of jacket, is the brown jacket in the 'Other Colours' section.
Lewis Leathers, Ladies, front view
The ladies jacket right, is a variation on the phantom design, a man's version of this design can be seen being worn by Pete Wylie of the band 'Wha' in the link at the bottom of this page.


Lewis Leathers, Lightning, front Lewis Leathers, Lightning, rear
The Lightning is cut in the typical British motorcycle jacket style of the fifties and sixties.
At this time British motorcycle jackets were usually plain with no padding or armour. The front main zip is a Lancer (cross-over) design, allowing the jacket to be partially done up with the lapels buttoned down. Or with the lapels undone could be zipped up to the neck, in this position, the collar could be buttoned down to exclude the elements. At the rear, the seam running from shoulder to shoulder, dips towards the centre. After the sixties, this seam normally was straight.
Brando style jacket
In way of a comparison, the American motorbike jacket design is known as the Brando style, named after Marlon Brando who wore one in the 1954 film 'The Wild One'. It can be identified by the shoulder straps (known as epaulettes), belted waist and small button down pocket.

Fringed Lightning

Lewis Leathers, Fringed Lightning, front view
The Lightning came in two styles the plain jacket and the version with fringes along the back and down the sleeves.
Fringed Lightning, later version
In this later version of the Fringed Lightning the lining is now black quilt. Internally there is a Leather, Real Hide label and the external 'Lewis Leathers' label has dropped the Aviakit wings. The sleeve pocket has gone too.

Other Colours

Years ago Black was almost the universal choice for motorcycle gear. Lewis Leathers made their garments in a range of colours for people wanting to match their Motorcycle's colours or didn't like the connotation of wearing Black Leather. Here we show some of the range of colours available.
Blue Leather Red Leather Brown Leather


Mans jacket Womans jacket
The Man's jacket is on the Left and the Woman's on the Right

Lewis Jackets - Worn by Pop Stars

During 2017-18, BBC4 television has been showing Top of The Pops (TOTP) shows from the 1980's. Being more aware of the Lewis brand now than back then when it was just another good brand (of many) I have spotted stars wear Lewis jackets. The quality of the video on YouTube leaves a lot to be desired, but nevertheless the jackets can be recognised.