Lewis Leathers

Sundry Items

Here are a number of miscellaneous items from the Lewis Leathers range of motorcycle gear that do not warrant a page of their own.


Lewis Leathers, Boots Boots back
Knee high boots with zips up the rear were pretty standard wear for motorcyclists in the sixties and seventies. Usually bought oversized and worn with fishermen's socks turned over the top of the boots. The soles are reinforced with steel.

Aviakit Boots
David Greenhill has kindly sent me these photographs of Aviakit boots. Unlike those above, they are not marked Lewis externally
Other obvious differences are double heel straps, no calf strap and have Aero zips.


Lewis Leathers, Gloves Gloves
Lewis Leathers gloves usually have the logo embossed on the outside and a small label inside. Unlike some makes of gloves where the zips are for ornamentation these zips actually tighten the gloves onto your wrist.

Face Mask

Nick has kindly sent me photographs of a face mask he originally purchased from the Portland St. shop circa 1973-74 in the days of open faced helmets. It is unusual to see a red one as most were black. The mask has two adjustable straps, two separate holes for nose and mouth and lined with thin pigskin for comfort. The Lewis Leathers logo is embossed on the front.
Lewis Leathers, Face Mask Red Face Mask


Waistcoat front Waistcoat Rear
The waistcoat or vest in American terminology is leather at the front and back. The lack of logo on the outside makes it suitable for casual as well as motorcycle wear.
Here it is being worn with a pair of Lewis Leathers trousers.
Lewis Leathers, Waistcoat
The waistcoat has four external pockets and closes with four Black domed shaped buttons.