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Rivett's label Highwayman
Unclear of the relationship between Rivett's which have the label shown here and Highwayman as some garments have both labels. Others have a label saying Highwayman made for Rivett's. Rivett's also had a Champion brand too. Nevertheless their garments are top quality, no only in the leather but the design and stitching too.
Highwayman made for Rivetts label Rivett's Champion label


This Manilla style jacket has the standard Rivett's label without mention of Champion or Highwayman. The pockets have ball and chain type zips.
Rivett's jacket - front Rivett's jacket- back

Plain Trousers

I can't discern whether these are Mustang or Cobolite style of trousers. These have ball and chain zips on the back pockets.
Rivett's trousers - front Rivett's jeans - back

Padded Trousers

These Daytona style trousers have typical eighties style padding between a second layer of leather sewn in a diamond pattern at the knee and hips.
Daytona trousers - front Daytona jeans - back