Olly Gog

ollygog pudding

This strange sounding Ollygog pudding was a favourite of customers at the BT Staff Restaurant, Berkley House, Broad St, Birmingham - circa 1986. Like most traditional British puddings this is very sweet and sticky, ideally served with custard.

Added 3-Nov-07.[Due to the powers of Google, I discover this dish is Oxfordshire Hollygog pudding. Other recipes found on the web use less Golden Syrup. When following this recipe I noticed this version is extravagant.]


Make up the suet mix according to the instructions on the packet, or from the raw ingredients, with sufficient water to make a stiff dough. Roll out the pastry into an oblong about 1/4 inch thick. Spread the golden syrup over the oblong. Cover the syrup with the sultanas. Roll up like a Swiss roll and place into a greased baking dish. Cover with the milk and bake in a moderate oven ( Gas Mk 4 - 5 / 200°C ) for approximately 45 minutes. Baste two or three times during cooking. The Ollygog is cooked when the milk is absorbed and the colour has turned golden brown.

Serves Five

5 oz Sultanas
1/2 lb. Golden Syrup
1/4 pint Milk
( 6 oz. Suet Pastry Mix
4 oz Flour, 2 oz Suet, a pinch of Salt )

S t e v e   S c a n l o n   P L E 5 . 1 . 2