Nuclear Reporting Cell

The NRC fulfills a similar function to a UKWMO Group but has no monitoring posts of its own and worked entirely with data supplied by the UKWMO.

Nuclear Reporting Cells

Nuclear Reporting Cells were staffed by civilian volunteers from the Royal Observer Corps, although they were located in Ministry of Defence sites. The cell's role is similar to the UKWMO Group but provided fallout warning and radiation level data to the armed services. This continued after the stand down of the ROC on 30 September 1991 until all sixteen were eventually closed on 31 December 1995.
NRC Locations
The NRC received its nuclear burst and fallout information from a feeder U.K.W.M.O. Group Headquarters in the same way that groups shared this data amongst themselves. The NRC had links directly from the UKWMO telegraph network. Their addressing codes were published in the UKWMO Standard Operating Procedures 'Annex AM', although the actual NRC location wasn't recorded in the annex, they are cross referenced here.

NRC Feeder Group Table

Group	Code	No	Location
=====	====	==	========
INV	INVN01	 1	Oban
ABE	ABEN02	 2	Buchan
DUN	DUNN03	 3	Pitreavie
DUR	DURN04	 4	Boulmer
YOR	YORN05	 5	Holmpton
LIN	LINN06	 6	Brampton
NOR	NORN07	 7	Neatishead
OXF	OXFN08	 8	High Wycombe
BED	BEDN09	 9	Bentley Priory
HOR	HORN10	10	Northwood
WIN	WINN11	11	Wilton
BRI	BRIN12	12	Upavon
WIN	WINN13	13	Portsmouth
EXE	EXEN14	14	Plymouth
EXE	EXEN15	15	Truro
AYR	AYRN16	16	Faslane
The routing codes found in the MSX at Dundee Sector, generally agree with those published in the feeder group table extracted from Annex AM. Those confirmed are ABEN02, AYRN16, BEDN09, BRIN12, DUNN03, DURN04, EXEN14, EXEN15, HORN10, INVN01, WINN11, WINN13, YORN05. The only difference is NRC 6 is BEDN06, moving there from Lincoln.
Feedback received from Janet cast doubt about the MSX codes in the table above. I wonder if her comments relate to the period after the UKWMO stand down?
'... all NRCs were designated by their Sector. Although Portsmouth may have been within Winchester Group it was designated with the Sector Control Horsham. Sector=HOR, MSX Code=HORN13 (not WINN13) Portsmouth Naval Base....'
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