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Turning 60, made be seek out a bit of nostalgia from my younger days. Having found by Youth's notebook containing sketches of the overhead plant from the early Nineteen Seventies I began to notice how much still remains forty years later and decided to start taking photographs to place on this website before it disappears.

This website has been in existence since 2000, growing in size as I began to document the communications systems from the days of the 'Cold War'. Fellow Anoraks from the GPO and BT may be interested to reminisce about the 'HANDEL' early warning system. Described Here

Steve Scanlon - The Web Site Owner

1998 ID Card photo

When I started as Trainee Technical Apprentice TTA for 'Post Office Telephones' in 1970, the syllabus for the apprenticeship training included erecting 40 Pound copper wires even though all new installations used dropwires.

At the end of my apprenticeship, I worked in the Strowger Group Switching Centre at Kettering firstly as a T2A and then a TO. Later in the seventies moving sideways, covering the absences of other TO's at the local strowger units, customer's PABX's, Test Desk and Special Faults Investigation. In the early eighties, I was promoted to Birmingham where I remained until my retirement.

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