The Documentation Library

Library Contents

The library is split into five sections, each holding a series of documents or circuit diagrams. Other than the Guides and Mapping Sections, they are at least 30 years old. Please read the page's instructions for downloading documents.

I have spent an awful lot of time plotting ROC Posts and boundaries onto modern day maps. The base maps supplied by Ordnance Survey may be used in accordance with their copyright. In order to discharge my responsibility I ask you to confirm you have agreed to the copyright and will not remove the copyright markings. Then you can print and use them as required.

If you wish to pass links to friends, please pass the URL of this page and not the document itself as this is dynamic. This URL won't change but the library sections may do, so please don't pass their page's URL either.

About The Documents

I am most grateful to the many people who over the last 15 years have supplied me with documents enabling me to build up this authoritative website on Cold War communications. Use the top of the page Menu Bar : the first option to return to Cold War Communications website.

If you have a document you think may be of interest to other enthusiasts and are prepared to photograph or scan it, please get in touch. I really can't thank the people who have helped build this library enough for sharing their documents with the world.

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