The METHOD TUTOR for Windows

SORRY - No Longer Supported after 1st August 2013

Development work has ceased on this program as its functions have been incorporated in an online version as part of the Change Ringing Toolkit. For the time being this program is available for download and installation on a Microsoft Windows computer. It won't work on Mac or Linux, or iPad or Tablet PC's, which is why it has been replaced.

The Main Features

How To Use the Program.

The Tutor Screen Features

The tutor uses the clock face to assist you in learning the work in the method. Here the clock face is shown with the hand in 3-4 Up. The right hand panel shows the method - Plain Bob Doubles. Under that the Touch selector - A Plain Course. The lower large box contains a statement of your current place and your next work.

The File menu, Opens a tutorial document. There are nine methods - Plain Bob in Minimus, Doubles, Minor, Triples and Major, Grandsire in Doubles and Triples, plus St.Martins and St.Simons Doubles.

The View menu, allows the prompting level and blue line to be configured at any time. As you progress the Blue line preview can be turned off. The the Blue line history can be turned off too. If you lose your way, click the hidden line to reveal it for this one change. The prompting level can be altered to suit your improving skills.

How to Practice Counting Places

Use the Menu option: File / Open Select the method from those available in the list and click Open. The tutorial will load. Under the method name is a drop down box containing the words Plain Course this also contains a list of touches that may be selected. Any selection must be made before proceeding. Leave the selection as a plain course. Select which level of textual and Blue line prompting you want from the Menu option: View

Click the Pick Bell button. The numbers buttons are now available. Click the bell you want to learn. If you have chosen a working bell, the hand on the clock is positioned at your start point. There will be no hand for hunting or cover bells. The Blue line now appears unless it has been hidden.

Click the Go button. Enter the place you make at your first handstroke. If correctly entered, the clock hand steps on and the Blue line moves up. If you make a mistake the program beeps to warn you and doesn't move the hand. You may review a section of the work by rewinding and going forward again. To start again, click Reset.

Help is always at hand

Keep your eye on the large message box as tells you which button to press if you forget. Once the method is started it now displays the prompt text unless you have hidden it with the View menu.

All this information is repeated in the help file provided with the program. When using my software click the Help button or press F1 on the keyboard to see the help screens.

Using and Uninstalling the program.

Once installed, the program appears on Window's Start Button Menu, under Programs / Bell Ringing. Should you tire of it, use Control Panel 'Programs and Features' formerly known as 'Add or Remove Programs' to uninstall and remove all trace of the program from you hard disk.

Additional and Advanced Methods

This program was originally created to help new recruits learn the simple methods like Grandsire and Plain Bob. Feedback to the author suggested the Method Tutor may also be helpful in learning more complex methods too. As a result of this feedback a separate installer has been created that adds an additional set of tutorial documents. If you are just learning the simple methods don't install these documents for the moment as all they will do is clutter the list of names you get when opening the tutor. Come back and install them when you find the need.

List of Additional Methods

In addition to the Nine methods included with the standard download the Forty Eight extra methods available are listed here. The methods are grouped by stages, eg Minor, Triples, Major. Each Method Stage can be selected individually, so there is no need to install Maximus if you ring in a six bell tower.

Choose Method Stage

On the second screen of the separate installer, hover the mouse over the list to see the methods list in the area below the list and click the tick box to install that bunch of tutorial files.

Tick the method group(s) you want to install and then click on the Install button which is coloured blue in this picture.


Ready to Download ?

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If you are familiar with downloading software from the web click the Download Now link. If you require a little guidance please click the Guided Download link instead.

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